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"Quality of Life" is our main motto

PressXpress is an American Corporation focused on an innovated vision that thinks outside of the traditional Dry Cleaning industry blueprint. We offer a unique "Fashionista" experience service where our customers enjoy exclusivity and detail-oriented vision.

PressXpress uses cutting-edge technology to understand, analyze and improve the entire cleaning process, and experiences from our current members (Customers).

"We know about the clothing trends, materials, chemicals components, market research and the importance of a warranty of satisfaction. We truly care about how our communities would like to dress".

We work every day to improve the lifestyle of our "Fashionista" members!

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The Fashionista Dry Cleaners in Miami, FL

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After rigorous marketing studies in various communities of South Florida, we concluded that more than 85% of the population refuses to iron their garments. The assessment conducted among various social strata indicates that the majority of the population, most of whom work full time, cannot afford the elevated costs of having a domestic employee to assist them at home. This in turn prevents them from wearing the clothes in their wardrobe, as they consider ironing a tedious and harsh task consuming time for other important moments, such as sharing time with family.

On the other hand, the group of individuals who have domestic employees at home indicated that such help would never be responsible for ironing. They are, however, responsible for other tasks considered to be higher priorities in maintaining a household. Following these overwhelming replies, PressXpress has become the ideal business for the modern and timelimited society we live in. PressXpress is the perfect alternative in both cost and efficiency for homemakers and executives who thrive on keeping their families extremely neat.

The other companies in this industry charge excessive prices to soak the clothes for ironing. That is the reason PressXpress offers luxury organic products for ironing to its customers at completely affordable prices and with guaranteed outcome. Simply deliver your clothes or any other garment you wish to iron and clean. Our team of professionals will take care of the rest.

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