What it means to be a Fashionista?

What it means to be a Fashionista?

The Fashionista is a special breed! She is devoted to dressing every inch of her body with the most stunning and coveted designs. She always looks her best and has a great affinity for all things fashion.

You’ve seen her many times…she stands out in a crowd and isn’t shy about flaunting her style, whether it be with loud, playful patterns or elegant, sleek solids. The Fashionista makes her own rules while remaining committed to the newest and most current runway trends.

The Fashionista is an expert at bringing together ideas and styles, fabrics and colors. The good news is, you do not have to be a designer or high fashion model to bring out your inner Fashionista. There is no better feeling than stepping out for a night on the town in a brand new flawless outfit. There is a certain unspoken energy that shows as you walk down the street, confident, and donning the latest fashions.

Whether you slide into a new dress and pair of stilettos, or a sleek pair of slacks with a flowing blouse, your inner Fashionista gives a boost of confidence that will radiate. Try mixing and matching personal favorites to give any outfit your own twist and personal touch. But most importantly, top off every outfit with the one accessory no one can duplicate, your smile!